Maratea, September 25th/27th 2015 4th edition

martedì 22 settembre

Dopo un anno di pausa, riparte venerdì 25 settembre la summer school Mediterraneo, identità e alterità dell'Europa, arrivata così alla 4a edizione. Il programma si estende per tre giorni.

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Today the second edition of the Summer School is starting: the advanced specialization school addressed to 25 young graduate and post-graduate students, promoted by Basilicata Region and the cultural Association Basilicata 1799.
Mediterranean, identity and otherness of Europe will be the central topic that famous contemporary philosophers, like Jean-Luc Nancy and Edgard Morin, both from France, will examine, together with intellectuals having been witnesses of the "Arab Spring", such as Mohamed Haddad from the University of Tunisi.
Every evening, after the lectures addressed to the students, the Summer School will open its door to the citizens, offering some meetings taking place at Porto di Maratea, at 21 h. They will be a open space of confrontation, enriched by the presence of international fame personalities.
The Summer School will take place from August 27th to September 1st in Maratea and from Semptember 12th-14th in Matera. Basilicata Region provided five scholarship grants.